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GB-9323988-D0: Control system patent, GB-9324835-D0: Tag attacher patent, GB-9324958-D0: Adjustable fishing weight patent, GB-9326111-D0: Security light indicator patent, GB-9401371-D0: Speed correction system for a continuous ink jet printer patent, GB-9402745-D0: Frozen souffle patent, GB-9402854-D0: Brake pedal rubber enclosed switch intrical patent, GB-9402886-D0: The treatment of gaseous substances patent, GB-9403012-D0: Epoxy resin and epoxy resin composition patent, GB-9403850-D0: Improvements relating to spray guns patent, GB-9403931-D0: A sighting device for small arms patent, GB-9404526-D0: Improvements in or relating to infant feeders and feeder accessories patent, GB-9405084-D0: Medical devices patent, GB-9405684-D0: Tractor steering arm strut patent, GB-9405982-D0: Reinforced structural member patent, GB-9406331-D0: Radial drill press conversion patent, GB-9407429-D0: Adjustable trolley patent, GB-9407831-D0: Tool holders patent, GB-9410122-D0: Sponges patent, GB-9410557-D0: Radio antennae patent, GB-9410943-D0: Clock recovery unit patent, GB-9410978-D0: Support arrangement patent, GB-9412357-D0: A heat sink assembly for a multi-chip-module patent, GB-9412892-D0: Improved spring patent, GB-9412982-D0: Shutter piling patent, GB-9413564-D0: Assembly patent, GB-9414083-D0: Joint for a playpen patent, GB-9415109-D0: Data compression patent, GB-9415393-D0: Fittings with slats, particularly metal slats, for clip-on panelling forming presentation surfaces patent, GB-9416155-D0: Improvements in or relating to capping of chambers patent, GB-9416564-D0: Convertible wheeled push-chair patent, GB-9416588-D0: Insulated gate bipolar transistor patent, GB-9417197-D0: Multiple glazing units patent, GB-9417520-D0: Improvements relating to office power supplies patent, GB-9417575-D0: Method and apparatus for anodising aluminium workpiece patent, GB-9418420-D0: Composition for the treatment of an energy imbalance in ruminents patent, GB-9418540-D0: Apparatus for applying a compressive force to sheet material patent, GB-9418570-D0: Electric field emission reduction system patent, GB-9418737-D0: Motion vector detecting method and motion vector detecting apparatus patent, GB-9418944-D0: Anti-sleeper patent, GB-9419534-D0: Output level control circuit patent, GB-9422043-D0: Stands for television patent, GB-9423517-D0: Annular seals patent, GB-9424601-D0: A vehicles rear view mirror, and reversing mirror apparatus patent, GB-9424721-D0: Apparatus and method of producing a composited video image based on depth patent, GB-9426088-D0: Data compression for uncorrelated vibroseis traces patent, GB-9426281-D0: Memory call origination system patent, GB-9426317-D0: Building block construction set patent, GB-9426340-D0: An information presentation device patent, GB-9500436-D0: Safety and maintenance free lock patent, GB-9500469-D0: Audible portable warning system for extension ladders patent, GB-9502621-D0: Anglers umbrella patent, GB-9502788-D0: Sunscreen compositions patent, GB-9503208-D0: Portable waste disposal unit patent, GB-9503210-D0: Gelatin prosthesis patent, GB-9503721-D0: Foot measuring apparatus patent, GB-9504429-D0: Air filter assembly patent, GB-9504519-D0: Chuck mechanism patent, GB-9504649-D0: Improvements to heatpacks for food patent, GB-9504760-D0: Loudspeaker system and enclosures patent, GB-9504856-D0: Compound,preparation and use patent, GB-9504995-D0: Compositions patent, GB-9505430-D0: 2-stage underreamer patent, GB-9505517-D0: Device for releasably retaining a strap and a lead patent, GB-9506823-D0: Container discharge apparatus patent, GB-9506977-D0: Formation of glass articles patent, GB-9507174-D0: Video suppression for matting patent, GB-9507226-D0: Constant velocity ratio universal joints patent, GB-9507386-D0: Thermal control for liquid heating vessels patent, GB-9507514-D0: A clamping device patent, GB-9508152-D0: Vacuum bagging patent, GB-9508720-D0: Vehicle detection system patent, GB-9508794-D0: Trademen board game patent, GB-9508920-D0: Means for controlling a vehicle suspension vibration damper installation patent, GB-9509310-D0: Container for an article patent, GB-9510011-D0: Wound dressings patent, GB-9510390-D0: Method and apparatus for registering bottles patent, GB-9510873-D0: Multi functional work table systems patent, GB-9512565-D0: Video signal processor patent, GB-9512772-D0: Device for the manufacture of tampons in particular anal tampons for natural and artificial intestinal orifices and other body cavities patent, GB-9512933-D0: A turntable structure patent, GB-9514481-D0: Gate valve patent, GB-9514504-D0: Rotary actuator patent, GB-9514953-D0: Water Ramp patent, GB-9515390-D0: Switched reluctance motor patent, GB-9515591-D0: Compounds patent, GB-9516041-D0: Mounting electrical components patent, GB-9516161-D0: Apparatus for teaching how to tie neckties patent, GB-9516258-D0: Semiconductor switches patent, GB-9516328-D0: An access platform patent, GB-9516408-D0: Electrical receptacle terminal patent, GB-9516590-D0: Scribe-master for transferring profiles of irregular surfaces on to workpieces patent, GB-9517334-D0: Power window apparatus with safety device patent, GB-9517603-D0: Electric motor patent, GB-9518433-D0: Locking means for adjacent doors patent, GB-9518850-D0: Package for compact discs and like articles patent, GB-9519352-D0: Plant container patent, GB-9519799-D0: Detector patent, GB-9519812-D0: Improvements in or relating to semi-trailers patent, GB-9520863-D0: Hose patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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